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Explore the World's Largest Corn Maze in McHenry County, Illinois Fantastic Fall Fun in the World's Largest Corn Maze in Northern Illinois

Richardson Corn Maze

Many farms have cool corn mazes, but not many can live up to the size and detail of the Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze! With its 9 - 10 miles of trail winding through 28 acres of live corn, you are in for a challenge and a treat!

The maze is actually created out of 4 smaller mazes. Each one has its own dedicated in and out path. There are multiple checkpoints throughout the maze as well as three bridges that will help you find your bearings while looking at the map.

Finding the checkpoints is the challenge and the way to solve the maze, but if you have had enough and need to get out and get a fresh donut or a cup of hot chocolate for added strength and stamina, you can find your way out in just minutes. There is a perimeter path surrounding the entire maze and there are no dead ends in this maze! And it is completely up to you whether to do one maze or all four!

Are you up for the challenge of this year’s maze? Come on out and get lost!

- Explore Our 2017 Maze -

108 Years in the Making for a Cubs World Championship!!

How could we pass up the opportunity to celebrate with Cubs fans after they have been waiting for 108 years? In honor of the Cubs and their stellar World Series Championship last year we chose to create a maze dedicated to their win!

Each line is a 6 foot wide trail, except the outlines of the marquee sign, the Cubs logo, and the baseball in the center are about 10 feet wide. The design covers 28 acres (roughly 28 football fields) and there are 10.2 miles of trails "drawing" this picture in our corn field!

Explore our 2017 Corn Maze theme as we celebrate the Chicago Cub's Victory!Richardson Adventure Farm's 2017 Cubs Corn Maze in Spring Grove, Illinois

Maze Features

Explore the worlds largest corn maze or get an aerial view from one of our observation bridges.Want to see where you are inside the maze? Get a view of your location from one of our 3 wooden bridges -- standing 16’ long and 8’ high. There is also an easy exit from the corn maze from each bridge

Take advantage of our 5 corn maze games suitable for all ages. Some last only 10 or 20 minutes while the longest lasts 2 hours! Pick your favorites from the maze game board at the corn maze entrance and have fun!

Go in and out of the maze as often as you wish!

Finger Sillies
Maze Game

Made for kids, but fun for all!
(10 min)

Farm Scene
Investigation Game

Similar to the game of Clue
(20 min)

Farm Tracks
Maze Game

Create animal track rubbings along the trail!
(10 min)

Quiz Questions
Maze Game

Can you figure out the answers?
(20 min)

24 Hidden
Checkpoints Game

Test your map reading skills!
(1 to 1 1/2 hours to find all)